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The decorative window treatment fixture and bastion of beauty are Roman Shades. The phrase “Roman Shades” does not truly define the beauty of the finished product once it’s installed in your Murphy home. “Roman Shades” is more than a description, it is a category requiring proper guidance and insight from an experienced window treatment professional from Made in the Shade Plano.

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What Are Roman Shades? – Murphy

Roman Shades are a soft window treatment with a fabric that steadily folds up as the drawstring is pulled. The shade is made from distinct types of material and styles, yet the defining characteristic is its ability to fold as it rises to provide an elegant softness to your decor.

Types of Roman Shades – Murphy

The beauty and ability to accentuate any room are achieved by the variety of materials used to manufacture Roman Shades. The materials range from fine fabrics to natural weaves and woven.

Custom Roman Shades are normally produced using materials such as cotton, silks, canvass, polyester, rayon, and combinations of these. Many materials are polyester-based as well as rayon. Here are just a few of the most fashionable today:

  • Classic Roman Shade – The most popular because it has concealed support rods at every pleat to neater and flatter fold. This style works well with most fabrics and is highly recommended for fabrics with a pattern.
  • Hobbled Shade – When lowered, it maintains its soft folds. Hobbled Roman Shades work best for solid and textured fabrics but are not recommended for patterns that will be interrupted by the folds. Look best in deep-set windows where the folds are concealed by the window.
  • Knife Pleat (Batten Back) – Doweled pockets on the back of the shade hold support rods and form decorative seams on the front of the shade. Knife Pleat shades are good for solid or textured fabrics, also not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats.
  • Ribbed Pleat (Batten Front) – Reversed Knife Pleat Shade with the pockets to the front of the shade to further accent each pleat. Ribbed Pleat shades work best with solid or textured fabrics. Not recommended for fabrics with a pattern that will be interrupted by the pleats.
  • Relaxed Shade – A soft flowing shade that lies flat when lowered, yet always has a gentle decorative “smile” at the bottom, which works well with most fabrics.
  • Woven Woods – Feature natural reeds and fibers are woven into a Roman-style shade that offers a unique fusion of elemental beauty and streamlined style.

Custom Roman shades offer the Murphy homeowner, additional decorative features such as a valance, edge banding for binding the edges, and decorative trimmings. The variety of finished styles offers the homeowner an opportunity to find the perfect style to match your home’s décor.

Roman Shade Control Option – Murphy

Did someone say control options? Yes, and there is a plethora of control options for you to choose from for your Murphy home, including a motorized lift upgrade and home automation options. Our state-of-the-art remote control allows the operation of multiple motorized shades simultaneously.

Additionally, we have cord-free features that allow you to easily raise and lower the shades by pushing the shade up or pulling it down by hand. For simple operation, we have our manual system. As with typical shade control, the cord length changes in conjunction with raising or lowering the shade.

Murphy Roman Shades

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